Facebook Automation Engineer, Mechatronics in Zurich, Switzerland


The Oculus team at Facebook is helping more people around the world come together and connect through world-class VR hardware and software. With global departments dedicated to VR research, computer vision, haptics, social interaction, and more, Oculus is committed to driving the state of the art forward through relentless innovation. VR’s potential to change the world is immense—and we’re just getting started.

Our Zurich Core Tech team explores, develops, and delivers new cutting-edge technologies that serve as the foundation of current and future Oculus products. From mixed reality and human interaction to natural inputs and beyond, Core Tech is focused on taking new technologies from early concept to the product level while iterating, prototyping, and realizing the human value and new experiences they open up.

As an Automation Engineer at Oculus, you will wield the tools to build our bridge to the VR universe. You will be responsible for electrical and mechanical labs and use them to design prototype hardware and test fixtures. You will commission, maintain, and operate measurement and test equipment. You will be involved in validation and testing of our latest prototype assemblies, processing test data, and documenting the results.

Required Skills:

  1. Manage and maintain our state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical labs.

  2. Commission, interface, validate and operate complex measurement and test equipment.

  3. Develop test procedures and collect datasets.

  4. Validation, testing, and benchmarking of virtual reality prototypes.

  5. Post-processing of test data, documentation.

  6. Develop and fabricate electrical and mechanical prototype fixtures.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelors or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering or related technical field.

  2. 2+ years of experience engineering in C++.

  3. 2+ years of experience developing and designing Computer Vision technologies and systems.

  4. Prototyping and engineering experience in at least one relevant specialization area in Computer Vision, e.g. SLAM, state estimation, dense 3D reconstruction, sensor fusion, object recognition, scene understanding, etc.

  5. Applications and resumes to be submitted in English

Industry: Internet